Raúl Soldi

Raúl Soldi (27 March 1905 in Buenos Aires, Argentina – 21 April 1994 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) was an Argentine painter whose work treated various subjects, including landscapes, portraits, the theater and the circus, and nature. His theatrical figures are renowned for their melancholy appearance. He also illustrated poetry books.

Raúl Soldi was born into an artistic family in Buenos Aires in 1905, his father was a cellist and his eldest sister studied piano and song. He began his studies at the National Academy of Beautiful Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina then travelled to Europe in 1921. He stayed in Germany until 1923 then moved to Italy to continue his studies, enrolling in the Real Academy of Brera (Milan) where he remained until 1932. Whilst in Italy, he became involved with groups of vanguard artists.Wikipedia

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