Erik Thommesen

Erik Thommesen (15 February 1916 – 22 August 2008) was a Danish sculptor who worked mainly with wood, creating Expressionist representations of the human figure inspired by African sculpture

His figures are crafted in an almost Expressionist style with bowed heads or emaciated bodies. Recognizable features such as arms, legs and face are absent, leaving only the body itself. Notable items from the 1940s include a series based on the theme Pige med fletning (Girl with Braid) culminating in 1948 with a piece in which the body and the braid form a solid pillar. Another subject is the human head which develops into a block-like shape. In 1948, after discovering Astrid Noack's Naturalistic works he tried to give his own sculptures most expressiveness, often looking like blocks or tree-trunks. His work is inspired by African sculpture as well as by the work of Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Aristide Maillol. Wikipedia

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