Hard-edge painting Deborah Remington

Deborah Remington (1930 – April 21, 2010) was an American abstract painter. Her most notable work is characterized as Hard-edge painting abstraction. Born in New Jersey, she became a part of the San Francisco Bay Area's Beat scene in the 1950s. In 1965, she moved to New York where her style solidified and her career grew substantially. A twenty-year retrospective of her work was exhibited at the Newport Harbor Art Museum in California, in 1983. Remington's work was a part of more than thirty solo exhibition and hundreds of group exhibitions including three Whitney Museum of American Art annuals. She was the descendant of artist Frederic Remington.

Hard-edge painting is painting in which abrupt transitions are found between color areas. Color areas are often of one unvarying color. The Hard-edge painting style is related to Geometric abstraction, Op Art, Post-painterly Abstraction, and Color Field painting.Wikipedia

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