Sculpture Elżbieta Szczodrowska

Elżbieta Szczodrowska-Peplińska (born September 5, 1921 in Tczew, May 30, 2009) - Gdańsk sculptor
"ElzbietaSzczodrowska is mostly known for the Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers of 1970 in Gdańsk, Poland In her earlier works she shows the suffering of people during the War. She created sculptures of prisoners of the World War II, which are part of permanent exhibition in Stutthof Museum in Sztutowo, Poland. The most important and biggest project she and her husband Robert Peplinski were involved, was the interior décor of reconstructed church of Saint- Brigida in Gdansk. They created all sculptures in Baptisteries and the sculpted gate to it, the banister on the chorus consisting of series of sculpted musicians, Tabernacle, altar of Saint-Antoine and Saint-Mary of Czestochowa, and others… This works open the door to other Churches, where She created sculptures of Christ, Saints, and Convent(s) in Koscierzyna, where she and her husband made sculpted interior décor of the chapel. ElzbietaSzczodrowska loved to draw, pain and sculpt children, show their movement and expression."( )

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