Jimmy Ernst

Jimmy Ernst (born Hans-Ulrich Ernst) (June 24, 1920 – February 6, 1984) was an American painter born in Germany.
Jimmy Ernst was born in 1920 in Cologne, Germany, the son of Surrealist painter Max Ernst and Luise Straus, a well-known art historian and journalist. His parents divorced in 1922 and Ernst remained with his mother in Cologne. He visited his father in France in 1930, where he met many artists, including Luis Buñuel, Salvador Dalí, Alberto Giacometti, André Masson, Joan Miró, Man Ray and Yves Tanguy, as well as his father's lover Leonora Carrington. In February 1933, a month after Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, the SS searched Luise Straus' apartment. As a noted intellectual and a Jew she was regarded as suspect by the new regime. Ernst was sent to live with his grandfather, Luise's father, while his mother moved to Paris. In June 1938, Jimmy sailed to New York from Le Havre on the liner SS Manhattan.Wikipedia

Ernst's investigations of hypnotic surfaces involved building impact through pictorial structure. His paintings went well beyond the hallucinatory repetitions found in Surrealism and they link more closely with research into the expressive potential of materials that engaged the new avant-garde generation. Most significantly, his thoughts were also in step with, or ahead of, emerging ideas about perceptual effects.(.artnet )

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