Cuban Art - Paintings Gina Pellón

Gina Pellón was born in 1926 in Cumanayagua, Las Villas, Cuba. She was a well-known artist who lived and worked in Paris, France from 1959 until her death. It was precisely in Europe where she met the Parisian surrealists and then connected with the COBRA group, one of the principal vanguard movements and milestones of European abstract expressionism.
Her career in Europe was very prolific with extensive exhibitions in Paris, Lausanne, Brussels, Amsterdam, Toulouse, Silkebour (Denmark) and in Larvik (Norway). She has also had one-person shows and group exhibitions in other cities such as, Miami, New York and Caracas, among others. Her untiring and enthusiastic demeanor is a constant trait that brands her life-time production. In her own words, “I paint every day… from sunrise to sundown. In this process, I have the need to create, to portray emotions, and once I am about to complete a work, I get the urge to attack another.” (cernuda arte )



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