Classic surrealism Esteban Francés

Spanish painter, born in Portbou (Gerona) in 1913 and died in Deià (Palma de Mallorca) in 1976. He spent the first years of his childhood in Figueras and in 1925 moved to Barcelona with his family. In this city studied, years later, right, who left shortly before finishing it, at the time that attending the school of the fish market. He shared his studio with the also painter Remedios Varo, and came into contact with some of the members of the surrealist group in Paris who frequented Barcelona, Éluard and Oscar Domínguez.
After the outbreak of the Civil War, in 1937 he exiled himself to Paris, where it joined the Group of Surrealists. The second European war led him, in 1940, to Mexico, and two years later to the United States. He established his definitive residence in New York and there coincided with other surrealists like Breton, Tanguy and Max Ernst, which maintained a close friendship.( the biography )

 In his surrealist works carried out in France are served automation, started years earlier, with the technique of the "grattage" by Dali . Subsequently, the Cubist Picasso influence can be seen in his painting and in Mexican works matches can be found with the work of Matta, in terms of the colorful cold, use of sidereal spaces and surreal atmospheres.On his return to Spain was established in Deia, where he dedicated himself to painting pictures of fantastic themes of great size.His work was for the first time in Spain in the "Surrealism in Catalonia" exhibition held at the Gallery Dau al Barcelona set. ( the biography )

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