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I would like to invite you to present your art work on my blog Exposition. Please, send me pictures of your work on my e-mail address : milenaolesinska77@gmail.com  Description should include; your name, some details about your work. All art work will be published on the blog free of charge.

George Georgiou

Accomplish professional Artist/Sculptor, Landscape Architect and Interior Designer with over forty five years of experience, working with numerous mediums. Giorgos has undertaken numerous art and sculpting commissions worldwide. He has exhibited in numerous galleries internationally in both solo and joint exhibitions with many fellow accomplished artists, including Lilia Pissaro, the great, great, great granddaughter of Camille Pissaro (the father of Impressionism).
He has undertaken work for several world famous establishments, including Madame Tussards (London), Disneyworld (USA) and many more; including TV and movie film companies. Clients include Sheiks, politicians, footballers and many well-known celebrities.
Devoted life to his Art and giving his public the pleasures and happiness that they will experience from his work. He seeks perfection in the vast variety of mediums and techniques he applies to his work. He believes that there is never a time when you can say your work is perfect, because that's the day you give up seeking the best. From detailed artwork (in the style of the Classics), to impressionistic forms and figures to catch the onlookers attention.With years, Giorgos has mastered various mediums and techniques, which are reflected in his work. He revels in using soft pastels, oils, watercolours, oil pastels, charcoal, or a combinations of each to produce dramatic and stunning art pieces that offer hours of pleasure to those fortunate enough to view or own some of his work.
Whether landscape or figurative, his work seeks to open our minds and senses to reality of the mood or the beauty of the characters. Monochrome or colour. Each of his works offer a mystery; a variety of feelings and senses that compel the viewer to search within themselves for meanings.
Currently, based in Cyprus, Giorgos is working continuously at his Studio. He undertakes private commissions for work; both at home and overseas; whether portrait, landscape, figurative or themed.
Recent work has been based on figurative monochromes in either pastels, watercolour; or combined; that are created to enhance the beauty of the female figure. It leaves it to your imagination as to whether the female is large/petite, shapely or slim.


Ingemar Härdelin

Abstract expressionism painting 

More Works

Ksawery Makarowicz 
More works

"All my works are originals multi-layered acrylic on canvas combines the practical world of industrial architecture recycled materials, with symbols and concepts from the spiritual world. All are transformed together onto the canvas. "(ORNA ADORAM)

 Freddy Chihota

COMING FROM THE DIP-TANK : 500mmx600mm - oil on canvas

POUNDING ROUND NUTS: 450mmx600mm - oil on canvas

AFRICAN GIRL : 600mmx700mm -oil on canvas

Theo Clement Verhage

 Impressionist Landscape Painting 


Michel Mandurino

 More artist works

 Kamere Art -  Marcy Oglesby Slidell - Louisiana US
Artist : Kamere Emosivbe of Nigeria.


Elena Netsayef

 The artist struggles to find new names in a world of giant. The interior seductive sound of the spirit sit the creator tragic. In the midst of man and together with the other art, it contributes to the reconstruction of a new world based on new beginnings and new values. The work of art created by an internal need and a spiritual spirit is a LIVING BEING.

 Έλενα Νετσάγιεφ

ΕΡΓΑ ΖΩΓΡΑΦΙΚΗΣ ΤΕΧΝΙΚΗ ΛΑΔΙ ΣΕ ΕΠΙΦΑΝΕΙΑ AFRESCO Eιναι ο ιδιος ο ΕΞΠΡΕΣΙΟΝΙΣΜΟΣ .Η ασιγαστη ψυχικη ταραχη.Ο καλλιτεχνης πασχιζει να βρει νεους νομους σε ενα κοσμο του γιγνεσθαι.Η τεχνη αποτελει για τον καλλιτεχνη προβλημα περιεχομενου,εσωτερικη αναγκαιοτητα.Ηεσωτερικοτητα αυτη δεν ειναι εικονα της φυσης.Οι εσωτερικοι αυτοι ηχοι του πνευματος καθιστουν τον δημιουργο τραγικο.Η πνευματικη του δυναμη αντιτιθεται στην υλικη.Ηζωγραφικη που μεσα απο τις εσωτερες αξιες της,και απο την επιδραση που εξασκει αμεσα στον ανθρωπο και μαζυ με τις αλλες τεχνες συμβαλλει στην ανοικοδομηση ενος νεου κοσμου που βασιζεται σε νεες αρχες και νεες αξιες. ΠΝΕΥΜΑ ΨΥΧΗ ΖΩΗ ΚΟΣΜΟΣ ΕΣΩΤΕΡΙΚΟΣ ΗΧΟΣ.Το εργο τεχνης που εχει δημηουργηθει απο μια εσωτερικη αναγκαιοτητα και μια πνευματικη πνοη ειναι ενα ΖΩΝΤΑΝΟ ΟΝ.Το εργο Τεχνης ΖΕΙ κι εξυπηρετει την αναπτυξη και την ευαισθητοποιηση της ΑΝΘΡΩΠΙΝΗΣ ΨΥΧΗΣ.
2. Μικτή τεχνική σε ξύλο
Με τα φυσικα υλικα της ιδιας της φυσης ΓΗ ΝΕΡΟ ΠΗΛΟ ΞΥΛΟ ΑΜΜΟ και ΧΡΩΜΑ,δημηουργησα τα ξυλινα ομοιωματα τα οποια αντιπροσωπευουν τον ανθρωπο.ΠΑΛΟΜΕΝΟ ΣΤΟΝ ΧΡΟΝΟ ΤΗΣ ΖΩΗΣ. ΣΜΗΛΕΥΜΕΝΟΣ ΧΑΡΑΓΜΕΝΟς ΖΩΓΡΑΦΙΣΜΕΝΟΣ απο το χερι του καλλιτεχνη στηθηκε ΑΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ μεσα στα πλουτη της γης και του συμπαντος στην ΑΙΩΝΙΟΤΗΤΑ. Προσπαθω να δημηουργησω ενα θαυμα,ΤΟ ΘΑΥΜΑ της ΨΥΧΗΣ.Το θειο ΦΩΣ της ΤΕΧΝΗΣ ,οδηγει τα ξυλινα ανθρωπινα ομοιοματα που ΠΑΛΩΝΤΑΙ στο ΑΙΩΝΙΟ ΧΡΟΝΟ της Ανθρωπινης Υπαρξης.ΤΑ ΠΑΝΤΑ ΡΕΙ .Ελεγε ο Ελληνας προγονος μας ΑΝΑΞΑΓΟΡΑΣ,ΟΙ ΕΣΩΤΕΡΙΚΟΙ ΑΥΤΟΙ ΗΧΟΙ ΤΟΥ ΤΡΑΓΙΚΟΥ ΔΗΜΗΟΥΡΓΟΥ ,ΜΕΤΟΥΣΙΩΝΟΝΤΑΙ ΣΤΗΝ ΑΝΟΙΚΟΔΟΜΗΣΗ ΕΝΟΣ ΝΕΟΥ ΩΡΑΙΟΥ ΚΟΣΜΟΥ ΜΕ ΜΗΝΥΜΑ ΤΗΝ ΑΠΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΩΣΗ ΤΟΥ ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΥ??? ικτή τεχνική σε ξύλο
3. Ανάγλυφα Χαρακτικά
Σαν Ζωγραφος και Χαρακρια ,ενοιωσα πολυ δυνατη,μετα απο ολες τις συγκυριες της ΖΩΗΣ,δεν μου αρκουσαν τα πινελα και τα χρωματα,ηθελα να πλασω τον ιδιο τον ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟ οπως τον επλασε η φυση ο ιδιος ο θεος,με τα υλικα της ιδιας της ΦΥΣΗΣ.ΓΗ ΝΕΡΟ ΠΗΛΟ ΑΜΜΟ ΦΩΣ ΧΡΩΜΑ???Μ αυτα τα φυσικα υλικα,δημηουργησα τον ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟ??? Σμηλευμενο, χαραγμενο,ζωγραφισμενο???τον ΕΣΤΗΣΑ ΑΘΑΝΑΤΟ μεσα στα πλουτη της ΓΗΣ και του ΣΥΜΠΑΝΤΟΣ στην ΑΙΩΝΙΟΤΗΤΑ.Ανυψωνεται σαν μεγας ΛΥΤΡΩΤΗΣ ΤΟΥ ΠΝΕΥΜΑΤΟΣ ΤΗΣ ΤΕΧΝΗΣ.

 More artist's works

 Viktoriia Kartashova

Keira Knightley, acrylic, canvas,100 х100, 2019

Art "DiCaprio. Hollywood", acrylic, canvas, 100 x 100 cm, 2019

Sergiu Rusu

 Heitor Pais - Artistic Ceramics

 Heitor Pais was born in Mozambique in 1960. He lives and works in Portugal.

More information about the artist

 Ingemar Härdelin

 More artist's works

Lengani Salifou

 Kathleen Steventon

 " Kathleen Steventon lives in southwest Colorado, in the foothills of the San Juan Mountains. She connects spiritually to the wilderness around her, most especially with fauna, and her paintings reflects this deep appreciation of their lives. Her heart reaches out to Animal Spirits every time she works in the studio. Kathleen’s deep affinity to all life allows her to capture their beautiful energies on canvas.
The artist grew up in suburban New Jersey, was educated at Rutgers University, and traveled and lived overseas for 8 years. In 2003 she came home to live and paint in Pagosa Springs, CO. Her recent journeys through meditation have expanded her consciousness and connections to the Earth. She works with her love of her subjects, and her recognition of their spiritual souls and uniqueness. Kathleen’s vibrant impasto oil paintings are lit up with color, movement, and texture, and crafted solely with a palette knife."(steventonart.com)

 Wayne Shilson

   " I work in the style of pointillism as did Georges Seurat, Camille Pissarro and Paul Signac. My paintings are also noted for their detailed “realism” which requires patience when painting in this style and is unique.  I particularly enjoy capturing a scene in such a way as to draw the viewer into the scene.
   I was born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota in 1943. I hold an MFA and B.S. from the University of Minnesota. I have been privileged to be recognized for my talent in various ways including: being listed in International Biographical Centre Cambridge, England as one of the 2000 outstanding artists and designers of the 20th Century; listed in Who’s Who in American Art as well as appearing in several publications. In 1999, I was awarded a grant from Region Two Arts Council, Bemidji, Minnesota to paint and draw an updated version of the Impressionist Camille Pissarro (1830-1903) urban landscape series in Paris, France. In 2011, I once again, was awarded an arts grant (Region Two Arts Council, Bemidji, MN) to complete the circle of my version of Camille Pissarro’s missing Pantheon series from the Boulevard Morland. A third grant I was awarded from Region Two Arts Council in 2013. I was awarded an arts grant (Region Two Arts Council, Bemidji, MN) to paint the 13 bridges of Paris, France I felt was the most unique in appearance. My work is in museums and galleries throughout the United States, Europe and Japan."Wayne Shilson (wayneshilson.com)

Bell Tower' of the Church of Saint Catherine, Honfleur, France.
The 'Bell Tower' was built at the end of the fifteen hundreds.
Painting by Artist Wayne Shilson
Premier Pointillist Painter-53 years, USA.
Painting size is 16"x20"
on stretched canvas. 2020

Imre Bedocs 

 Contact : jaybedocs@gmail.com

pastel drawing 11cm x 17cm - 500 USD

pastel drawing 11cm x 17cm - 300 USD

Greg Dorosh

Frozen River
13" x 20" Oil on canvas.
This is a scene of Canmore Alberta, Canada when I was there back in 2016. It was -20 degrees C which was cold enough to start creating ice on the surface of this fast flowing river. The time of the day provided a beautiful view of the sun just above the Rocky Mountains.

Link to this painting

 Michel Mandurino

 My works are based on magic, esoterism and oniric vision. I like the pre-christian art and the old gods representation. Now i'm focused on drawing and painting the esoteric world of the western culture.

Anna Pikos

  Anna Pikos Polisch contemporary artist born 1983
"Recently I focus on surreal acrylic painting. A characteristic of most of my paintings are dense and precise patterns, which compose simple forms. It’s a complexity of simplicity, showed by me by two reasons. First is my love for complicated constructions and ornaments. The second one is my way of perceiving the world as seemingly chaotic structure, from which a deeper meaning emerges after all. Observing the nature, I find both in it- honest simplicity and chaos, complexity and variety, that compose that simplicity. Those characteristics are universal in my opinion, not only in nature but also in everyday life of civilized human..."( Anna Pikos behance.net/annapikos)


A dog watching his human
Acrylic on canvas 38x46cm

Cats are from cosmos
Acrylic on canvas 20x20cm

A small chicken
Acrylic on canvas 20x20cm

A double angel
Acrylic on canvas 60/40cm

A red bean
Acrylic on canvas 60/40cm

Behind the curtain
Acrylic on canvas 60/40cm

Viewpoint of view
Acrylic on canvas 60/40cm

A ghost of a woman with a fan
Acrylic on canvas 60/40cm

Melancholy with a dog
Acrylic on canvas 60/40cm

 Karim Loberg

  "My works are mainly inspired by dreams
and are attempts at portraying parts of the self."(Karim Loberg)



 Bojan Đorđević Omča
 Belgrade - Serbia
Drawings made by felt pens

Igor Nemec

 "My name is Igor Nemec.I work more than one stile like cubism, impressionism, realism...
This one is Cubism."

Oil on canvas 70cm x 50cm

Alex Romano

"Born in Italy Rome, Alex Romano began his career as a child, when his 7 years he received the 1st Prize for Children's Painting and participated in V International Exhibition of Children's Painting organized under the patronage of the Province of Rome in the famous Via Margutta, the most emblematic street in the heart of ancient Rome, chosen by artists from around the world goal. After finishing his studies, and with a desire to further expand his artistic horizons, Alex Romano traveled through Europe and Latin America soaking up all the cultural expressions of these countries before returning to his hometown and further training in artistic attending various courses conducted by the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Roma.
During his studies of bachelor in USA and Spain and later during college, Alex Romano used his free time to feed his artistic quest and fascinated by the force of the matter, he became interested in recycling. Alex Romano began, then, not only to use found materials as support for his works, but also to incorporate them into them, creating different textures and forms and developing not only a material recycling, but also a conceptual recycling, giving the waste a second opportunity.
His admiration for Informalism that developed in France and in the rest of Europe after the Second World War, and by the American Abstract Expressionism as by the artists Alberto Burri, Antoni Tapies, Georges Mathieu, Gorky, Willem de Kooning, Jean Paul Riopelle, Pollock or Stanislaus Rapotec have determined a great artistic influence in his work without taking an ounce of originality from his pictorial personality. Alex Romno translates reality into images of suggestive strength that invite a fantastic itinerary through undefined spaces, discontinuous lines, abstract forms, full of colors and some grotesque elements."

Individual Exhibitions:
1992-Italy-Rome, Galleria il Greco
1993-Italy-Rome, Galleria Vittoria
1994-Italy-Rome, Galleria Vitruvio
1996-Italy-Rome, Galleria Minotauro
1996-Italy-Firenze, Galleria Fortezza da Basso
1997-Italy-Rome, Galleria Strada
1998-Spain-Malaga, Charitable Exhibition Art to Heal in the fight against cancer Hospital Carlos Haya.
1999-Spain-Marbella, Dide Art Gallery
1999-Spain-Marbella, British International Gallery
1999-Spain-Malaga, Victors Gallery
2001-Spain-Cádiz, Ibero-American Foundation of the Arts
2001-Spain-Marbella,, Sammer Gallery
2002-Spain-Marbella, Box Art Gallery
2003-Spain-Marbella, Gallery of Art and Antiques Volubilis
2004-Spain-Marbella, Sammer Gallery
2006-Spain-Madrid, Circulo Financiero: Bullfighting and San Isidro Fair
2006-Spain-Madrid, Galeria Gaudí
2008-Spain-Marbella, Vitruvio Arte y Cultura
2009-Spain-Marbella, V International Contemporary Art Fair edition ArtWanson Gallery
2009-España-Madrid, Galeria Jorge Ontiveros
2010-Spain-Madrid, Madrid Excellent CIE: (IV International Excellence Congress)
2011-Spain-Marbella, Art Wanson Gallery
2013-Spain-Marbella, Sammer Gallery
2014-Spain-Marbella, Starlite Festival: Bronzes- Color- Lights
2015-Spain-Marbella, Box Art Gallery
2015-Spain-Round, 2nd International Biennial Congress Palace Bullfighting Round
2016-Spain-Marbella, Fornara Gallery
2016-Spain-Marbella, Equitana-Benezra Gallery
2017-Spain-Marbella, Box Art Gallery
2018-Spain-Marbella, Art Wanson Gallery
2019-Spain-Marbella, We Art Gallery
2019-Spain-Marbella, Art Point Gallery

2019-USA Richmond, Aeon Gallery

Shahriar Khosravi

"My passion is painting and I have found my interest and also my talent in painting since I was a little boy. In addition I got my B. A in painting. I have been inspired mostly by nature and ordinary lives, so my main style for these art works is real and surreal. Although I do not restrict myself to only one technique and I am an expert in painting through different mediums and techniques such as oil color, water color, and color pencil.
I am talented in painting and I have started painting since I was a little boy. I have developed excellent different painting skills through these years. Then I got my B. A in Art, Painting. My passion for art is highlighted by different exhibitions I have held during these years and also by my achievements in my job careers.
Freelance Painter & Drawer : 2001 - Present
Selling the created artworks:
 Oil color
 Water color
 Sketch drawing
Freelance Designer : 2006 - Present
 Advertising boards
Making creative wooden accessories : 2013 - Present
Painting murals : 2016 - Present."

Solo exhibition: Mehregan gallery, Isfahan,
Iran, Spring 2013
Group exhibitions:, City Center Negar khaneh, Isfahan, Iran, Winter 2014
Solo exhibition:, City Center Negar khaneh, Isfahan, Iran, Winter 2015
Group exhibition:, Iric Center, Tehran,
Iran, Winter 2016

Group exhibition: ( 2 artists), Central Library, Isfahan, Iran, Fall 2018

Michel Mandurino

My name is Michel Mandurino i'm 33 years old and i live in Italy.
My work are based on occult and magic philosophy, spiritual awakening trough the way of the left hand.

As Above So Below, oil on canvas,, 100x100 cm

 Magick The Elevation, mixed media on canvas , 100x133 cm

Theo Clement Verhage

Master of Impressionism


Ingemar Härdelin 

 "Since 2015 I only paint abstract expressionistic inspired of all the fantastic patterns and formations you can see everywhere in Nature."Ingemar Härdelin 


Lilika Arnaki

I have studied and worked at a high-school as a teacher for 18 years. I have presented 9 personal exhibitions in Thessaloniki and Athens and took part in 36 team exhibitions in Thessaloniki Volos Chalcidice Athens Paros Santorini Torino Atalla Turkey. I am an active member in the club of painters Thessaloniki and Unesco.
I have taken part in an artistic mission at the international exhibition MANUALMENTE at Torino Italy.
I have written 2 books the one of them an Anthology with 51 pieces of art and 51 poems which is prorposed for an award.I create jewels in the same way I paint.In my art the main role has the human which I work through  a variety of ways with the purpose to show not only the external physiological parts byt also the inner well hidden world of the illustrated.Faces portraits of men and mainly women appear via non -combustible materials burned newspapers,sand,wood,cloth,sieve and magazines I convert them into sculptures so changing page another piece of art appears.I am not limited in simplicity but I look forthing of current life.
Simlicity is beauty apart from words and feelings. The right proportions of light and shadows in a picture are limited from the place and time to beauty and ugliness.But what is beyond lines and shapes beyond education and knowledge is the essence of beauty.

Krappie Crafford 

 South Africa

Oil on canvas

Tony Rush

 David Bowie acrylic painting 24cm x 36cm

 Lengani Salifou
 Burkina Faso


Cindy Geraert


Ehigbai Michael Ozoya

 Ehigbai Michael Ozoya is a mixed media Nigerian based fine artist that has a huge flair for drawing, inspired by nature and every day circumstances which are untold stories undocumented. Ehigbai works with charcoal, pastel,oil, acrylic and models with clay employing a semi realistic and geometric patterns approach, using the effect of extreme light and dark (chiaroscuro) to connotes emphasis on his work of art.
1. Priceless jewel: an art work celebrating the traditional ceremonial dressing of Bini women, charcoal and pastel.
2. Virago, the brave look of a determined woman, charcoal and pastel.
3. One amongst many, it used to be availability of water and food that made people settle in a place but the world today, its the economic value of a place that draws settlement to it, oil colour
4. Shades of womanhood, the artwork shows the dark, bright and colourful side of a woman, charcoal and oil on canvas.
5. Window to the soul, the unexplained connection of the woman to procreation and beyond, Charcoal and pastel.

 Daniela Isache 

  “The Clown” (2018), oil on canvas, 40 x 34 cm.
This is the portrait of a clown who is laughing, but beyond his smile,
we can see a world full of sadness.

 Anna Skowronek

Polish contemporary artist Anna Skowronek
Contact : annasko@gazeta.pl

Sea - oil painting on linen canvas, original, unique, signed 80x65 cm

Wild garden - colored drawing, mixed technique, work in passe partout 30x40 cm

Sea Wave - black and white drawing 21x30, original, unique, signed

Sea Wave - black and white drawing 21x30, original, unique, signed

Sea - black and white drawing 21x30, original, unique, signed

Mountain sketch, black and white drawing,
original, unique,
signed work in passepartout 21x 30 cm

Mountain sketch, black and white drawing,
original, unique,
signed work in passepartout 21x 30 cm

Mountain sketch, black and white drawing,
original, unique,
signed work in passepartout 21x 30 cm


 Janis Tafoya

 Hillary Lusanji - Portraits

  Arts Sanjay

"My official names are Hillary Lusanji 21years of age. I am a male Kenyan citizen. The name Sanjay, I derived it from my last name Lusanji so I came up with the artistic name Sanjay Arts which now most people refer to me as. I began doing art at the age of 7years when I was in primary school.
In 2011 when I joined high school I had to stop doing arts and focus on my studies because arts wasn't being offered in the school. I embarked in drawing in 2015 when I finished high school.
It wasn't easy because, there were some challenges along the way which I had to struggle with in the art industry but  it was all worth it because now I am doing doing commissioned pen and pencil portraits. My aim is to be able to speak to the world through art and maybe someday open an art gallery where each and and every artist will be welcomed to come and showcase their work.
Here are some samples of my work" Hillary Lusanji

Zlatko Kirinec


Drava in winter
technique: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 50x40 cm
Year of production: 2017

River Villa Florida - Ičići
technique: oil on canvas
dimensions: 120x100 cm
year of creation: 2018

Blessed Virgin Mary
technique: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 50x70 cm
year of creation: 2018

 Maciej Józefowicz - Graphics

Polish Contemporary Artist

 Maurizio Rosini

STUDIO20171216" watercolor cm.10x14,7
 - made as a copy of the "Jeanne Hebuterne with big hat"
by Amedeo Modigliani
(original oil cm.55x38)

"STUDIO20180304" watercolor cm.25,0x35,0 350g/m2
- made as a copy of the
"Red Nude" by Amedeo Modigliani

wooden tablet cm. 24,8x44,5x0,3.

charcoal, sienna pencil in A4 sheet

charcoal,sanguine, sienna pencil in A4 sheet

STRANGE LOOP" B2 pancil on A3 sheet
- by a work of Escher

 Apollo and Artemis Art

 Mike Todd

my website

 Rana Salama

 Contemporary Visual Artist  - Alexandria, Egypt.

After 5 years of schooling in the art of interior design, Rana discovered a new outlet to express her emotions. Abstract art became a life changing endeavor. Each piece became intertwined with a story and she began to live each new creation, referring to them as her babies. Rana loves the freedom and creativity that she finds in abstract, inspired by unlimited creativity and the openness to be unique. Incorporating several techniques and tools to her style, this pursuant artist has been featured in art exhibitions throughout Egypt, featuring artists from countries such as Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Canada and more. She has also been successful in sales to countries including USA , Egypt, Kuwait,Lebanon, Australia and the Philippines. Rana's (one of a kind) creations are a must own for any collector. Be sure to keep your eyes open, because this artist has drive and potential to thrive in a global market.
"Happiness, positivity and pride are my pillars for success. The key to producing a piece of valuable Art that goes beyond your living room wall is to tell a sentimental story that really captures and challenges your thoughts. This is what really differentiates one artist from another."

   Nancy Riedel

 "My name is Nancy, I live and work in Nuremberg as a graphic designer for 12 years now. Even in my childhood I felt attracted to art and design. Last years were coined by digital graphic design. Drawing on paper disappeared bit by bit and so my desire for more „handicraft“ growed. In the beginning of 2017 I followed my un-explored interest, to create with spraycans and I dived deep into the world of graffiti. A white wall is not given anytime and anyplace and so I started to paint on hardboard with the result of the shown pictures. Mainly I work with a mix of spraycolor, acryl and stencils. Creating a picture takes me 100% into the focus of here and now. Art is a personal experience and the expression of love, which wants to flow into the world through me. I want to inspire and touch."

Ifat Futuh

Yogyakarta Indonesia

Corné Akkers

Adam & Eve (2013).
Pastel drawing on Canson Mi-Teintes paper (50 x 65 cm).

 Joe Godin

 Portraits and caricature  Darrell Mordecai 

 "As a caricature artist I specialize in creating gift ideas. As a gift caricature is original and memorable.
The great thing is, if the caricature is good enough, it can be framed and hang on the wall for years.
Since I have been illustrating professionally for years, I decided to use my painting skills to create something really special. I thought, what would happen if I created a caricature in the same style as a portrait. I use the same technique as a portrait painting only I apply it to a humorous image." Darrell Mordecai 

 Anna Sasin

"Universe" 37cm x 36cm - mixed media  paper

"Thorns" 27,5cm x 39cm - mixed media paper

"Ray light" Oil painting - fibreboard 39,5cm x 29,5cm

"Drops" drawing on paper 31cm x 42cm

"Cubes" drawing on paper 31cm x 42cm

Acrylic painting  90cm x  65cm


Stan Chaubet

I'm a french painter, 46 years old. I live on Provence on a small village since 6 years. I ve been travelling all my life long but now i ve decided to give the rest to the painting.
I guess that like others artists, i.m crazy and work night and day.


 Dionsio Jacob

Noturno (Nocturne)
Acrylic painting 1,20 x 60 cm

Ceres na Toscana (Ceres in Tuscany)
acrylic painting 50 x 80 cm

O poeta e a voz (The poet and the voice)
acrylic painting 90 x 60 cm

O castelo e a vila (The castle and the village)
Acrylic painting 80 x 90 cm

Todos os lugares (All the places)
acrylic painting 90 x 80 cm
Um país (A country)
acrylic painting 70 x 90 cm

acrylic on canvas 2016
70x70 cm

O arquiteto das duas torres (The architect of the two towers)
Acrylic painting 90 x 60 cm

Homo Ludens
Acrylic painting 90 x 80 cm

70 X 90 CM

Abstract Art Karen Lillard

"Karen Lillards journey as a painter can be enclosed within the category of Survivor Art, Intuitive, abstract, abstract expressionism, and message art. Her inspiration is derived from color primarily combined with her own internal intuitive mechanism, and self analysis. Karen is an individual who seeks depth and intensity in all things. Her works are abstract, expressive and meaningful. Her favorite materials are oil and ink. The surfaces she uses include glass, canvas and walls. She started painting five years ago; after a lifelong career outside of art. Karen has had no formal training and has developed her style strictly by doing. Her pieces almost always are created entirely with palette knife. She chooses her palette and then begins to move the paint There is no plan, no drawing, simply whatever is inside revealing itself. Karens message art creations incorporate quotes into her paintings that have significant meaning and are provocative and/or inspirational. Her work is quite simply an intimate look into the soul.....her soul. "(fineartamerica.com/profiles/karen-butscha.html)


Christian Perez de Carvasal

Titel . Au cafe
Oil painting on linen
Technique , Knives and brushes
 Size . 100 x 100 cm

Title . Exodus
Oil painting on linen
Technique brushes & knives
Size 150 x 150 cm

Title . Exodus
Oil painting on linen
Technique brushes & knives
Size .90 x 100 cm

Title . With my dog
Oil painting on linen
Technique brushes & knives
Size .90 x 100 cm

Title . Charlize
Oil painting on wood board
Technique brushes
Size .59,5 x 84 cm

Titel . Acide skies
Oil painting on linen
Technique , Knives and brushes
 Size . 90 x 150 cm

Title  . Little girl

Oil painting on linen

Technique brushes

Size .45 x 75 cm

Titel . Dans mes baskets avec mon Flamant rose
Oil painting on linen
Technique , Knives and brushes
Size . 90 x 150 cm

Titel . Tree of Knowledge
Oil painting on linen
Technique , Knives and brushes
Size . 90 x 150 cm

Title . Jeanne d Arc
Oil painting on linen
Technique brushes & knives
Size .90 x 150 cm

Henry Marais - South Africa

 Frank Savage 


 Anton Hofer 

"Walk away from the lake" -  oil painting

 Rebecca Magar

 Rebecca Magar is a fine artist, illustrator & designer from York, PA. She has worked on a variety of illustration projects including album artwork, book covers and privately commissioned paintings. Rebecca began her art career at the age of 11 when she took a few years of art lessons with a local teacher. She has been painting for nearly 20 years, but has only fully developed her style and focus as a fantasy artist within the last 8 years. Rebecca prefers to work with Acrylics, Pen & Ink, Charcoal and Pencil, but she originally learned to work with oils and pastels. She is inspired by the works of Frank Frazetta, Arthur Packham, Paolo Girardi and Zdzisław Beksiński.

 Christian Haupt

  Remi Boudreau   

Remi Boudreau;  From east coast New-Brunswick, now living in Toronto
  This painting is oil on canvas. I love to paint without knowing or having any concrete idea of what I want the painting to look like. Abstract is my way of exploring.

 Florin Prodan

 Feeling – Colour - Wit in Florin Prodan’s painting
From the engineering field he took information about perspective, the sense of proportion, volumetric units and he was taught the lesson about colour, as any plastic artist, from the succession of seasons, reason for which he called one of his exhibitions as “Seasons”.
The painter has around 30 personal exhibitions and many other group exhibitions in the country, in Bucharest, Iasi, Botosani, Suceava, Piatra Neamt, as well as many works in private collections in the countries like France, England, Germany, Canada, USA, Greece, Italy, China. Among seasons, he focuses more on spring, summer and autumn. Spring for the chlorophyll green which symbolises life in its more active shape and autumn for the polychromic air with symphonic sounds.
 The winter landscapes with snow clouds are the ones that show the silver white of snowflakes, the “milky” and cold atmosphere, how winter enters the “rest” state.
By his works, the painter leads us to the idea that he is the supporter of calm romance of nature. His paintings are dedicated, mainly to nature, it is a plain air painting and the artist is, as Iohannes Iten was saying, of Bauhaus School, an impressive optic. The impressions gathered from the most typical and hidden places of nature, there are not simple sensory experiences, chosen by chance, but they are attentively selected and instrumented from compositional point of view, according to an artistic intuition, connected with the engineer sense of free form – subject to poetic fantasy law.
Therefore, the main source of inspiration represents nature and people with their concerns – it is, we can say, a campestre painting.
His artist eye aimed in nature especially delusions made by the effect of water in relationship with the light (the sun rise, sunset, mornings with crystal clear dew drops and dense fog, the sunset with solar brightness, filtered by the clouds curtain and the effect of evaporation with the water morphology in the wind, especially after the rain). Our of this reason, the artist, by using light with generosity, can be considered, more, a meridian with Tiepolo asymptotic approaches.
The forms of nature elements aimed by the artist are so filled with light that sometimes we have the illusion that we enjoy the presence of diaphane shapes made of coloured light vapours, or photonic clouds.
His landscapes works, where we can always find aquatic shapes of laguna landscape (rivers, ponds, lakes) lead to the illusion of some images from the waters empire. The house seems more a decorative element of nature than a rural civilisation sign, even for an immemorial time.
The flowers paintings, especially in warm colours, combined with floral species in contrasting colours prove the colourist calling as well as the sensitivity and passion for flowers of the author, important knowledge for the symbolist language of flowers.  Flowers are spread in a series that start from the opulence of the sunflower to the delicacy and wild freshness of field flowers, from the intensive red of corn poppies to cornflowers which gradually diminish their colour in the floral mass.
His style is the one of a romantic artist, in impressionist expression with well tempered chromatic and logically developed compositions and the vivacity generated by nature in all its complexity leads us to the idea of renaissance hylozoism subtly transmitted to the visible romanticism of François René Chateaubriand.
Mihai PĂSTRĂGUŞ, arts critic 


Daria Kotyukh

Daria Kotyukh’s style is both graphical and spare. She aspires to perfection in the composition and the transformation of her drawings by employing the strict minimum of means to reveal the depth of the sand-stories on one hand and, on the other, convey all the beauty of the Sand as a material.
Graduated from the Saint Petersburg N. Roerich Art School as well as the Stieglitz Art and Industry Academy, she is the Winner of The Touch Sand-Art Festival-2013 in Ukraine (Grand-Prix for best Live Performance and 1st prize for graphic drawing on Sand) and Sand-Malerei Festival – 2015, Daria Kotyukh, 29 years old, is today acknowledged as one of Europe’s greatest Sand-Artists.

 Katerina Barsukova.

« Katerina’s works stand out not only for their remarkable technique of ingenious drawings in Lyrical Symbolism style, but also for their amazing transformations and great musicality.
A graduate of the Roehrich School of Fine Arts in Saint Petersburg, where she has a degree in Painting as well as the Saint-Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, where she majored in the History of Art, Katerina is a laureate of the international sand-art competition “The Touch-2015” in the “Graphic Art on Sand” Category and “The Touch-2016” in the “Best Video-Clip” Category for the work Sail on Ravel’s music. »


 The modelling of a bird and its coloring ask at the same time
musing and concentration.
I prepare for each bird, metal legs which are going to attribute him its position, its balance, its posture.


 Christian Pradier 

Christian Pradier  animal sculptor, has been working for more than 20 years.

 Giouli Vrana 


Shota Voskanyan

 Shota Voskanyan ( born June 26, 1960 in Yerevan), is an Armenian artist.
1982–1987 Shota Voskanyan studied at the Moscow University of Arts. Since 1995 Shota Voskanyan is a Member of the Union of Artists of Armenia
His works are exhibited in National Gallery of Armenia, Artsakh museums, in Arame Art Gallery, Yerevan.
He has exhibited his works in Russia, Stokholm, Jerusalem, Germany, France, and New York.Wikipedia


 Bogdan Lachowicz


Michael Henderson


 Theo Clement Verhage


Fantasy sculpture Przemysław Stanuch

 Thought my sculptures I want to show people the positive aspects of the world. I want to draw the attention of people to the things like return to: nature, harmony, healthly food, living and most importantly to true roots of every human. My goal is to draw the viewer into a world full of magic, joy and happiness.


Abstrahism  Albrecht Behmel 

 "I call this style “The Magic of the Swarms” or “Abstrahism”, which is a term I invented to express this mix of abstract forms stemming from real-world shapes, just like a shadow abstractly represents a 3D body on a 2D surface. Something is lost, something is won. Abstrahism is about the connectedness of all beings however different they may seem - like in a kaleidoscope where known forms melt into something new every time they move. Once I have established a net of shapes and outlines on canvas I add powerful acrylic colors (they poison me less than oil) following an algorithm in my mind: As in a musical fugue I create an interweaving pattern of main themes, parts and variations within a grid of shapes and silhouettes." (Albrecht Behmel www.behmel.de)

 Osaro Osula

Subject model is Genevieve Nnaji, Nigerian actress whom struggled as a young single mother to greater success.
This piece is to encourage other single mothers and preach gender equality

Graphite Pencils and White Pastel on Cathridge Paper
H16 x W10.9 in inches
Feb 2015

Charcoal Pencils on gray cardboard
H15 x W14 1/2 in inches

Love in a Strange Place
Black and Red Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard
H23 1/2 x W16 in inches
14th Feb 2015

The Sniper
Blue Ballpoint Pen BIC on Cardboard
H24 x W16 in inches

  Harshada Patil

 Elen Fazal

 The artist from Cyprus

 Reginald Henry 

  Born in June 2, 1967 in Jeremy, Haiti. Attended high school at Hortancius Merlet and graduated from Collage Lucie Hubert in 1985. Then Came to the United States at age of 23 in 1990. Then attended the school; Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center in the year of 2002, for architecture. He lived in Miami, Florida for 21 years. He work in a Cuban restaurant named pollo tropical for 8 years. There he met his love of his life Gertrudis Mercedes Henry for the first time, and then he married her in 1993 at age 26. Two years later they had their first child, a baby girl named Aolaine Mercedes Henry. He then worked in a post office for 2 years, and working in Ocean Reef Club for 11 years now. Six years after his first born he had another daughter named Rachelle Joyce Henry. Then two years later he had his first son named Jonathan Daniel Henry. He has been an artist for his entire life. He likes to create many pieces, every piece he makes has a story behind it.

Estelle Morice

 Marseille of France
 My name is Estelle Morice, and i love painting for a long time. My work is based on portraits now, but I like painting flowers too.
Today, my purpose is to get figurative peoples on abstract and explosives backgrounds, and, to follow my spirituality, now I sign all my paintings with hieroglyphs writing.


Richard Cardona 

Anda Anastasopoulou 

    Acrylic on canvas

    Acrylic on canvas

"Morning dew"
    Acrylic on canvas

     Acrylic on canvas

 "Hovering silence"
    Acrylic on canvas


Rémy Verneuil

 A mon avis, un peintre, de nos jours, se doit non seulement de faire avec un héritage diversifié et multi-séculaire, pictural et plus largement culturel, c'est à dire y prendre ce qui lui convient et se positionner par rapport à tout ça en y associant son propre fonds personnel, le perpétuer, le bousculer ou le traiter d'une quelconque manière située entre les deux, mais parallèlement il se doit d'interroger la peinture en tant que matière et couleur ainsi que leur support, réceptacle dirais-je, et les liens qui unissent l'artiste, l'humain à eux.
C'est ce que je fais, me semble-t-il.

Nader Samara


Denver Sasser

Łukasz Breitenbach

My name is Łukasz Breitenbach. I was born in 1988. In 2007 I graduated State High School of Fine Arts in Bydgoszcz and in 2013 degree in painting in the coloristic studio of Professor Mieczyslaw Ziomek at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Torun. I received two awards from Professor Mieczyslaw Ziomek for the outstanding degree in painting in 2012/2013. I took part in many international painting plein airs in Poland ( Toruń, Iława ) and abroad ( Lviv, Vilnius, Riga and Madona in Latvia) as well as after -plein-air exhibition that followed. Currently I am developing my painting, drawing, photography, print and stained glass. Many of my paintings are in private collections. My current project is an attemt to combine both realistic and abstract form into balanced coloristic compositions.



 Akan David 

  Akan David - is an Enigmatic African Artist , currently residing in Nigeria his works ofart thrives mainly on Afro-Cultural, spiritual,psychological issues,mythological tales, sensuality and folklores.Although having multi-techniques in art he predominantly explores traditional painting using surrealism, sgraffito, chromolumism (pointillism) . His works are Mostly with multiple pictorial units, elaborate and high embellished motifs and african traditonal codes like the "Nsibidi" sometimes amalgamating them with mystical and esoteric symbols all encoded in a picture.


Theo Clement Verhage 


Willem L. den Dunnen/Guillaume

Irina Abramova

 Artist Irina Abramova, Russia, Moscow.

The picture "Sailing", watercolor.
Watercolor paper 300 g/m2.
Size 29х42 cm/11,42х16,54 inches.

 Portrait of the daughter "Love".
Oil on canvas. Size 50х40см/19,69х15,75 inches

“Blue on red” canvas on cardboard,
oil, 60x60 см/23,62х23,62 inches

 "Castle on the water" (Vyborg castle), watercolor.
Watercolor paper 300gr. Size 29х42 cm/ 11,7×16,5 inches.

Watercolor paper 300gr. Size 21х29,7 cm/ 8,27×11,69 inches.

Watercolor paper 300gr. Size 21х29,7 cm/ 8,27×11,69 inches.

"Surf". Oil on canvas. Size 30х20см/7,87х15,75 inches

"City channel". Oil on canvas. Size 30х40sm/11,81х15,75 inches.

 The Painting "The Stranger". (Replica of the painting "Unknown",
 I. Kramskoy, which is made in the classical technique of oil painting).
The present work is not a copy of the I. Kramskoy.
This part of the painting, in unique and rare painting technique of "dry brush".
Made with oil paints on thick paper. . Size 29х42 cm/ 11,7×16,5 inches

Portrait of the daughter "Yaroslava". Watercolor.
Watercolor paper 300gr. Size 29х42 cm/ 11,7×16,5 inches. .


Inna Bolund

Breathing - oil on canvas 60x70, 2016

Himba -  oil on canvas 60x50, 2015

I scream - oil on canvas 60x50, 2016

Dumb and blind - oil on canvas 60x80, 2015

Trendy Nigga - oil on canvas 60x80, 2016

Just will be closer - oil on canvas 60x50, 2015

Matt Bomer -oil on canvas 60x50, 2016

Searching for reason - 60x50, 2015


Rytis Minkevičius

My name is Rytis Minkevicius. I am an artist from Lithuania. I am 44 years old. My works of art is made with oil paint on canvas or paper. I like the surreal style. I find ideas for my work in books about psychology and self-knowledge.

Danguole Serstinskaja 

 Danguole is a lithuanian artist and a professional dog breeder. She has been engaged with animals for multiple decades and it is her natural interest in the anatomical and psychological aspects of animals that has given her motivation to become an experienced animal artist within the field of realism.
Selected as one of 60 artists to receive the ATIM Masters Certificate 2016 issue each year by ArtTour International Magazine and invited to participate in ATIM'S TOP 60 MASTERS OF CONTEMPORARY ART 2016. Only 60 artists are selected each year to receive this honour.
American Art Awards 'Realism Animal' 2015 Winner, decided by 25 the best Galleries in America Award Winning Artist Animals 2015 Art Exhibition

Artworks color artworks are pastels on Velour paper, black and white paintings done with oil on paper


Enrique Zaldivar

Enrique Zaldivar Cuban artist is a graduate of the Professional Academy of Fine Arts ''El Alba'' in Holguin, Cuba.
In his works are a mix of magical realism, surrealism and illustration. almost monochrome works with a deep poetic sense which addresses issues such as the meaning of life, freedom, religion, death, loneliness, power. He tells stories from the universal themes, so establishing an easy relationship with the viewer and makes it part of its history.


Voices in de wind / Enrique Zaldivar
Acrylic on cardboard / 12x16 inches

The big mystery / Enrique Zaldivar
Acrylic on cardboard / 17x21 inches 

Series The descent of the angel / Enrique Zaldivar
Acrylic on canvas / 12x16 inches

I come from everywhere / Enrique Zaldivar
Acrylic on canvas / 16x20 inches

José Lúcio Azevedo de Carvalho

 Who am I.
Better known as Lucius, I am a painter and designer, born in 1958 in Comari neighborhood located in Campo Grande in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
How art came into my life.
I remember when I was thirteen or fourteen, when contemplating the uncle of a friend painting some canvases, influenced and with great difficulty to acquire study materials, I started in the world of fine arts reading magazines and art history books.
In 1977, led by a friend, I began my studies drawing and painting with Ceres teacher at Casa Cruz in Campo Grande, the place where the following year, with two small landscapes, I made my first collective sample.

Title: Watercolor. Year: 2015.
Technique: Acrylic on canvas.
Screen size: 50 x 60 cm.

Title: Portal.Year: 2016.
Technique: Acrylic on canvas.
Screen Size: 79 1/2 x 99 1/2 cm.

Title: Harmony of colors.Year: 2015.
Technique: Acrylic on canvas.
Screen size: 80 x 60 cm.

As it was natural to happen in my first contact with the artistic movement, still he showed me on landscape painting and still life. The first works of this period, signed as Lucius, have mostly vases with flowers and countryside, rural and historic towns environments. Small reinterpretations to oils, painted from photos of art magazines viewing.
In the 1980s, I also developed a love for photography, and to think that abstraction reflects the true artistic language, excited and attracted gradually been integrating me to this current. In this period, signing; Lucio Carvalho followed by Rio and date, my paintings underwent new transformations, began to conquer their own space. Currently sign Lucio Carvalho followed by year.

Title: six-string guitar.Year: 205.
Technique: Acrylic on canvas.
Screen size: 50 x 70 cm.

Title: Youth on the couch.Year: 2015.
Acrylic on canvas.
Screen dimensions: 50 x 60

Untitled.Year: 2015.
Technique: Acrylic on canvas.
Screen size: 50 x 60 cm.

Title: Woman sitting on park bench.Year: 2015.
Technique: Acrylic / screen.
Screen size: 50 x 60 cm.

John Robert Jurisich

 I am a Master Artist and have been painting for 46 years now. I use a palette knife exclusively and have perfected my own technique. I have 4 Videos on Youtube with over a million hits. I am still perfecting light within the canvas as in Stain Glass, John R Jurisich.

Manon-Dee Szluha

 My name is Manon-Dee Szluha and I am a South-African artist.. I mainly work with oil on canvass.The new series I have started that comments on the fractured society in S.A. It ponders whether we still have cultures that are clearly definable, e.g. the Afrikaaner culture:many look back in the past with nostalgia even though it has deteriorated and changed into nothing more than an idea that has deteriorated and in reality has turned into rust...How people from different backgrounds and race are lost in this modern country...The young and innocent looks at a new future with hope.
Perhaps they will have the ability to mold and change the traditional norms of culture.

Sándor Berki

The Funen medusa
dimensions: 1,3 m x 1,3 m (oil on canvas)


Marek Zdrojewski 

Abd Alqader Bsata

 P&D of Birth : Aleppo 1974
Member of Plastic Artist Union

Oil painting 50cm x 40cm 1994

Oil painting 100cm x 70cm 1997

Oil painting 100cm x 70cm 1999

Oil painting 100cm x 70cm 1998

Oil painting 70cm x 57cm 2010

Alex Patterson

Tamás Mike - Budapest, Hungary

"I paint photorealistic artworks, with an uniquE technique, called airbrush, acryl on canvas, or on helmet, or on the wall, or on whateve"

Robin Reynolds



Julien Boissinot



Marina Maca


Theo Clement Verhage

Claire Charlier  "Clairon"








  Alastair Nicholas Duckett







Georgia Brushhandle


Georges Fho Madison



Imogen van Oordt


Third Artwork:
Wild Thing'
80 x 100

First Artwork:
'Dream with the Dreamers'
60 x 80

Second Artwork:
'Kiss & Kill'
80 x 100

 Gareth Walsh


Daniel Martin Figueroa 


Lubna Yaseen


Hippiejam Art

 Big Basin 2' California , acrylic on 30x40 in. canvas

Coastal Moon' acrylic on 5x5 in.canvas.

Winter Fog' acrylic on 5x7 in canvas

Drummer' acrylic applied with swipe card on 8x10 in. canvas.


Concha Flores Vay



Hugh Savage

Men on the march...25 cm by 12;cm .aryclic on paper..140 pounds 

Two men and a dog..aryclic on canvass 40 cm  by  20  cm...150 sterling

25 cm by 10 cm aryclic painting.100 pound

Lisa Bulpin

 Pencil and Watercolor


Thim Kalin 
 Northern - Arizona USA



  Vya Artist  ( Vya Gadesarin )







 Moses Fwangte

Charcoal on Paper
Size: 22inches×20inches

Paul Buroran   ZbOROVAN







  Norihiro Hayakawa 





  Maria Cecilia Camargo






 Vörös Eszter Anna

  My name is Eszter Anna Vörös, I am from Hungary an I work with mostly acrylic and markers, sometimes black pen. I work on both paper and canvas; my pictures portray a fantasy world which is for every age group and there is also a slight spiritual touch to my work, many people say.


Ingemar Härdelin

 Akhmedov Zakir Akhmed







Svetko Šutić ( Croatia )





Moncef Ben 


Nasser Keita





Urbansix Militia


Ean Chisholm

Niagara - oil on canvas

Julia Broad



Douglas Link

 My name is Douglas Link. I am a California raised artist currently living in Central Texas. My work is all done in Acrylic, which for me is the easiest medium to get the effects I want. I think of my pieces as a sort of slightly darker surrealism, usually done with some humor, but they include a lot of my own personal experiences as well, both good and bad. These three are called Fiesta (the squid one), Solace (with the wooden doll), and Happy Meal (with the McDonalds sign). My work can be seen on Facebook


Beverly Killaire Deelstra 


Wendie Donabie


Mario Vitale


Clive K Heyne


Nina Tokhtaman Valetova


  Renzo Batistini


 Adam Hubinger


Frank Papandrea



Rick Thomas



Salvattoreart Galarza Domínguez


Sierra Barnes


Andrey Nefedov


Eric Bonte 


W. Jack Savage


 Ksawery Makarowicz


Werner Smith

Ljubomir Milanović

Farah Alyousif


 Gabriel Vuljevas


Nader Samara 


Joseph ("Josy") Linkels


Patricia Askew


Marek Zdrojewski


Adrie Van de Nieuwenhof



Olga Dabrowska


Stacey Law


Georgia Brushhandle



Dan Lish 

Sanja Vuković 


Álvaro Hernández


Dayse Pontes


Eugenio Vazquez

Christopher Reid


Rick Mosher




Jose Higuera


Val van der Poel

Markkus(Nelrog Markkus) 

Thomas Meyer


Ilse Hviid


Michela Cavallari


Juan Roman


Maria Brusis


Antonieta Landaeta


Ana Hernandez-van der Veen 


Nusret Ozliman



Arquelio Garcia


Keith Landrum


Njörn Unaveus


Timothy Thomas 


Eva Marie Friese 

MauricioAntonio Veloso Duarte 



 Ryan Zammit Pawley


Alfonso Piloto Nieves Ruiz 

Anthony Di Michele 

Joaquim Lourenço 

Giouli Vrana

  Newel Hunter


Gary Nixon 


Akan David

Antonio Fernandez Hidalgo (Toni F.H)

Neyde Noronha




  MARSanchez Mena


Anna Mazierska

Alyona Timofeeva




Boris Toledo Doorm / Creadoorm





Herco Vitulli 


 Adolf Flitsch  

  Play with colour


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