Exposition Art Blog: Mogens Balle - Avant-garde art of the CoBrA group

Mogens Balle - Avant-garde art of the CoBrA group

"Mogens Balle (1921-1988) is an artist from Copenhagen. Mogens Balle began with a training in architecture and finished his studies in painting, in a private institution. His time in the French capital influenced his orientation towards Picasso's cubism and inaugurated a style in the artistic vein. In 1947, during the Spirale fair, he met Asger Jorn who invited him to join the Cobra group. His various inspirations include Ejler Bille, Egill Jacobsen, Carl-Henning Pedersen and Asger Jorn. Mogens Balle claims a breach from surrealistic-figurative painting and Danish surrealism, the aim of the Cobra movement. The entire inner notion is toned down. He shapes the abstract-surrealistic movement, celebrating material spontaneity, merging surrealistic automatism with abstract. Asger Jorn named their entity as "Danish experiment". Mogens Balle illustrated texts of Noiret, Harder and collaborated with Dotremont on word paintings. He signed twelve issues of the Helhesten magazine, ancestor of the Cobra magazine (mixing popular art, ethnology, cinema, photography and painting)." (artsper.com)

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