Exposition Art Blog: Jose Sacal - Mexican Contemporary Sculpture

Jose Sacal - Mexican Contemporary Sculpture

Jose Sacal Micha (25 September 1944 – 4 October 2018) was a Mexican sculptor and ceramist born in Cuernavaca, Morelos. His work has been interpreted as Surrealism.As a young man, Sacal studied in the Instituto Regional de Bellas Artes, del Estado de Morelos, Antiguo Molino De Sto. Dominigo, INBA, and with Arthur Khronengold and Enrique Altamirano. In 2008, the Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture in Los Angeles featured an exhibit José Sacal, Contemporary Sculpture from Mexico. His art was about the culture of Mexico, immigrant's life, and critical of the Mexican political environment. He was critical of President Enrique Peña Nieto.
Sacal died of leukemia in Mexico City on 4 October 2018 at the age of 74.

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