Exposition Art Blog: Rodolfo Nieto Labastida - Mexican Modern Painting

Rodolfo Nieto Labastida - Mexican Modern Painting

Rodolfo Nieto Labastida (July 13, 1936 in Oaxaca – June 24, 1985 in Mexico City) was a Mexican painter of the Oaxacan School (apprenticed under Diego Rivera, later served him as an assistant).
Fernando Gamboa stated that noise and melody, the human figure and graphic line, expression and invention, reality and fiction are all interwoven in Nieto's canvases: he was part of the Generación de la Ruptura and has been related to the School of Oaxaca, with works based on the myths and legends of the state. Nieto worked in diverse techniques such as pencil, pastel and oil to mixed media and graphics. His work is semi-abstract in the realm of magical realism. While his time in Europe was important for the development of his visual language, it remained based on the colors and images of his native state. After he returned to Mexico, he studied pre Hispanic and popular art which caused him to simplify forms.However, his most popular paintings are of Toros, or Bulls. At auction, these pieces sell in the mid-six figure range.Often asked if he was an abstract painter. Nieto always defended himself from that idea, and did not understand how people could be confused, as he had never stopped doing figuration, but certainly not realistic. He told to his brother Carlos between laughs: "If I did abstract painting and would like to send a message, I'd better to have written a novel.Wikipedia

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