Exposition Art Blog: Jason Rhoades - Monumental Installations Artistic

Jason Rhoades - Monumental Installations Artistic

"Jason Rhoades (1965 – 2006) is known for monumental, room-filling installations. These idiosyncratic sculptures incorporate a wide range of objects including products of mass culture combined with hand-made items and biographical references. Drawing on the history of assemblage, Rhoades imbues his materials with powerful formal, narrative and allegorical links, encouraging viewers to connect and interpret the associative chains. Rhoades often drew inspiration from the city of Los Angeles where he lived and worked as well as The Great American West, informed by his rural upbringing in Northern California. His work has been exhibited internationally since the early 1990s.Engaged with concepts such as labor, capital, materiality, modernism, performance and process, Rhoades’s work often derives from the specific conditions in which the work is created and explores structures that are not readily visible or apparent. His practice, emblazoned by the artist’s bold sense of freedom, wryly subverts the expectation of artists and artworks by breaking with aesthetic conventions and pushing against the boundaries of the art world. Rhoades fundamentally understood art to be “a pursuit of something” and notably viewed his body of work as one piece, a singular ongoing project."(hauserwirth.com)

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