Exposition Art Blog: Toyo Tsuchiya - Digital Photograph - Rivington School art movement

Toyo Tsuchiya - Digital Photograph - Rivington School art movement

Toyo Tsuchiya (1948 – 23 November 2017) was a Japanese born artist and photographer and one of the early artists involved in the Rivington School art movement of the East Village art scene of New York City of the 1980s.Toyo Tsuchiya moved from Japan to New York City in 1980.He was a director of many of the performances and exhibitions at the club No Se No, which was the club that many of the Rivington School artists would meet and perform and show their art work. As a photographer, Tsuchiya was able to document much of the early history of the Rivington School. He was a member of the NO!Art movement.Wikipedia
 Rivington School was a movement that emerged from the East Village art scene in the 1980s in New York City. Most of the artists of the Rivington School were either involved in welding, forging, performance or street painting.The group started in 1983 and named themselves after an abandoned public school house building located on Rivington Street. The school was located across from a club No Se No where many artists would meet and performances were held. The group is most noted for "massive junk sculpture installations on the Lower East Side," and other forms of metal public sculpture. 

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