Exposition Art Blog: Kim Heungsou - Korean Contemporary Art

Kim Heungsou - Korean Contemporary Art

Kim Heungsou ( 1919 –  2014) was a Korean painter who was sometimes called the "Picasso of Korea". Heungsou's works largest body of work is the so-called harmonism paintings, collaborating structures and abstract forms in a piece of art work. The genesis for his idea came from the harmony of yin and yang, between female and male and between the east and the west.“ Fundamental motto of harmonism is to involve in different ideas of surrealism, impressionism and abstractionism. It's the combinations different ideas regardless of its character - from one's own idea or from everyone's commonsense. ”His works have roots in Harmonism, which is derived from the mixture of abstract paintings and forms/structures. In 1967, he observed the flow of American abstract paintings, which enabled him to try new challenges such as harmonizing abstract paintings with other forms.Rooted in Mozaic, he realized the partition of hues within his works, which featured in Korean customs and arts with erotic subject matters. His works are departed from his philosophy originated from Korean peninsula. In this sense, his drawings are famous for its fabulous collaboration of hues and shapes.Wikipedia

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