Exposition Art Blog: Richard Stankiewicz- Abstract Sculptures

Richard Stankiewicz- Abstract Sculptures

Richard Stankiewicz (1922–1983) was an American sculptor, known for his work in scrap metal.Stankiewicz was born in Philadelphia, but spent his formative years in Detroit. He began painting and sculpting while in the United States Navy, in which he served from 1941 until 1947.
"Originally trained in engineering, Stankiewicz established his reputation in the 1950s as a master of witty junk assemblages. By 1969, however, he was using newly fabricated industrial elements such as cylinders and I-beams to fashion comparatively restrained abstractions. Australia No. 9, 1969, another work by Stankiewicz in Storm King’s collection, marks this turning point in his career. The sculpture is a result of a three-month visit to Australia, during which he had an opportunity to create work in a steel plant in Sydney. The experience provided Stankiewicz with an understanding of industrial steel manufacturing and new welding techniques, which profoundly impacted his practice. The artistic process was paramount for Stankiewicz, who once commented, “It isn’t the thing; it’s making the thing. Because in making the thing you are making yourself, and after you have made it you are a little bit changed and that’s the product, and the thing, it can go into the world.”(stormking.org)

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