Exposition Art Blog: Carol Rama

Carol Rama

"Olga Carolina Rama, called Carol Rama, was born in Turin in the 1918. He started painting again as a teenager without having any academic training, but stimulated by the attendance of important protagonists of the Turin, Italian and international cultural milieu, including Felice Casorati, Edoardo Sanguineti, Massimo Mila, Albino Galvano, Carlo Mollino, Paolo Fossati, Carlo Monzino , Luciano Berio, Eugenio Montale, Andy Warhol, Man Ray.
Following painful family incidents, including the mother's psychiatric treatment and the probable suicide of his father, his art becomes a way to exorcise suffering and inner fears.
It initially came to the visionary nature of surrealism, then to Dubuffet and art brut, and later to join the abstract research of the MAC-Movimento d'Arte Concreta in the early Fifties and the poetics of the object trouvé in the 1960s and 1970s, until cycles of more recent works (his last work dates back to 2007) develops a completely personal and autonomous path, adopting different materials, themes and styles capable of giving voice to his dream universe characterized by a provocative iconography, suspended between transgression, eccentricity, autobiography and explicit eroticism."(www.rossorubino.tv)

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