Exposition Art Blog: Jeannie Scott - TWO SPIRITS & SPHERICAL AWAKINING


SPHERICAL AWAKINING :created 6/17 ON A 26X34 UPSOURCED CANVAS , Traditional Brush Mixed Media:(Lady GaGa's, Born this way,kept playing in my head (not on the stereo system.  lol) (I prefer quiet when I work ,except for organic white noise, most times,which calms me.) As I painted ,the Canvas began to express ,that our differences, our so called *flaws,* MAKE us Uniquely Beautiful &flaws aren't flaws at all ,but they are merly beauty marks.Organicly Stamped on each one of us , bringing each individual into  THEIR OWN  .Making of us THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE

TWO SPIRITS: This piece was inspired by  a few different things ,and as I worked on it ,Two Spirits took quick direction ,and quickly came into its own ,Seemily to know, exactly what the journey was to be , what the Expression of Two Spirit was to convey. Inspired by Pablo Pacasso The Dream , a bit of Fauvism,a pinch of Expressionism, in technique.The Title & Soule,from the   Native American Navaho People,s traditon &customs. Of the impotance of celebrating& embracing a person's differences ,and how those differences benefit the entire tribe .Making their contaburions an invaluable resource to the indigenous resadents of the Navaho reservation &beyond .Find attached the indepth artical that explains the Navajo tradition of celebrating & embracing the birth of a two spirit child. Thankful for the blessing of the  Two Spirited gift that has been bestowed upon the tribe

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