Michel Macréau - Neo-expressionism

Born on July 21st in Paris1953. Studied in the Arts section of the Lycée de Sèvres.
Participated in the making of tapestries by Le Corbusier.1954–1956
Attended the Grande-Chaumière Academy.1959
Collective studio and moved in with friends in an uninhabited castle in the valley of Chevreuse. He abandons the paint brush in favor of a tube that he pressed directly on the canvas or paper.1960 Macréau begins to use any surface he can get his hands on to paint (bed sheets, bags, planks of wood...)
1972 Isolated and tired, Macréau has doubts about his painterly approach. He painted very little for several years.
1994 Galerie Alain Margaron begins to represent and show Macréau's work regularly.
1995 Death of the artist.

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