Exposition Art Blog: Black and White Photography Jeanloup Sieff

Black and White Photography Jeanloup Sieff

Jeanloup Sieff (November 30, 1933 – September 20, 2000)
"Born in Paris, the son of a Polish engineer, Jeanloup Sieff received a camera for his 14th birthday and since never departed from his previous gift. After having failed in entering the film industry, he established himself as a fashion photographer for Elle from the mid 1950s. He introduced an innovative feel of eroticism to photographs that had until then privileged respectable and stiff models and set his shoots in real locations while he pushed his sitters to seductively flirt with the camera. Often emphasizing a specific area of the body - mostly backs and bottoms - Jeanloup Sieff believed that ‘sometimes, the face is not interesting when the body is. Sometimes the face is a distraction.’ With his wide-angle black and white images, the French photographer caught the dramatic potential of light and shadow while he often added a touch of humour to his pictures, playing with situations and his sitters like Alfred Hitchcock urged to run after a model he is about to strangle, on the set of Psycho. Obsessed by women, Jeanloup Sieff nonetheless captured one of fashion photography’s most legendary male nude when Yves Saint Laurent posed, in 1971, for his perfume Y and mastered the art of street photography. ‘Girlfriends and landscapes were the subjects of my early photographs. I've never lost interest in those subjects. I continue my childhood.’"(theredlist.com)

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