Sculpture Barbara Zbrożyna

Barbara Zbrożyna (1923–1995) was a Polish sculptor, author of figural sculptures, monuments, portraits, religious and sepulchral sculptures. Her style evolved from realism through the synthetic simplifications, expressive and metaphoric deformation, to abstraction. She was also a painter, drawer and poet. Awarded for achievements in arts by Solidarność (1984, 1989), awarded the Prize of Brat Albert Chmielowski (1986) and Prize of Polcul Foundation (1991).Barbara Zbrożyna was born on September 1, 1923 in Lublin. She studied at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków at Xawery Dunikowski (1945–1947) and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at Franciszek Strynkiewicz (1947–1952). In the years of 1951–1954 he participated in reconstruction of monumental sculptures in Warsaw. In 1976 she signed Letter of 59, an open letter signed by 66 Polish intellectuals who protested against the changes of the Constitution of the People's Republic of Poland.
She died on December 15, 1995 in Warsaw.Wikipedia

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