Christian Perez de Carvasal

Combining symbolic elements of the figurative and the abstract, French artist Christian Perez de Carvasal creates stunning canvases that reflect all the movement and energy intrinsic to city life. Inspired by a childhood in Paris, the artist paints sprawling scenes highlighting
the majesty of modern architecture and the dynamismof crowded sidewalks and streets. Yet interspersed amid his urban landscapes are peaceful humanlike creatures which serve in juxtaposition to the harried pace that commonly defines city life. He explains, “I am inspired
by urban life, people in motion, architecture and colors. My mission is to provoke emotional and political reflections and visual expressions.”
One of the hallmarks of Carvasal’s work is his use of pure color accentuated with rich, complex textures. His powerful hues are set in edgy compositions that rely on
a distinct use of line and geometric form. By combining a variety of techniques and forms, he is able to infuse his cityscapes with new meanings, bridging the
mythologies of urban life to explore the depth of experience within.

Title . Barcelona
Technique. Brushes & knives
Oil painting on canvas
Size. 50 x 65 cm

Title .Barcelona 2
Technique . Brushes & knives
Oil painting on canvas
size . 50 x 60

Title. The city
Technique . Brushes & knives
Oil painting on canvas
Size . 80 x 100 cm

I am an artist who combines symbolism with the figurative and the abstract on canvas. I use a variety of art forms/techniques and I mostly paint with knives to keep the colors as pure as
possible. My main source of inspiration is large cities with their dynamic and modern architecture. I have always been fascinated by them, being a product of urban life myself, having grown up in Paris, close to the Eiffel Tower, and seeing the different scenes of
Parisian life clearly contributed to my artistic choices. In my work I try to show the peace and quiet you cannot create in busy city life by adding human-life creatures in different contexts. The idea is to provoke emotional and political reflections in my audience.”

Title. In the dark
Technique. brushes & knives
Oil painting on canvas
size. 45 x 45 cm

Title . North
Technique . brushes & knives
Oil painting on canvas
size , 70 x 90 cm

Titel . Tree of Knowledge
Oil painting on linen
Technique , Knives and brushes
Size . 90 x 150 cm

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