Street Art Pablo Delgado

Pablo Delgado is a Mexico-born London-based street artist that emerged in 2011 to quickly became a well-known London street artists. Since 2012 he has been decorating East London's street corners with his inventive and humorous miniatures
His early work consisted of miniature doorways pasted up on the edges of walls. Soon, Pablo began expanding into detailed narratives, meticulously depicting hosts of people, animals and objects in minutia around London.
His style involves taking imagery from mass media or popular culture, stripping it of colour then arranging the tiny figures into surreal scenes and compositions. His style is peculiarly known for the distinctive black shadows cast on the pavement that give a lifelike quality to his work and make them pop off the surface. The scenes themselves appear fantastical, chaotic and seemingly unrelated, but each contain their own narratives and stories that, with the locations, are carefully chosen in order to contribute to the story.In December 2012, Pablo Delgado painted the Village Underground wall in Shoreditch, London.Wikipedia

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