Surrealism Leonid Purygin

Leonid Purygin (Born:  1951 - Died:   1995 ) was born in a small village close to Moscow in 1951.  Leonid Anatolevich Purygin grew up as the son of a toy factory director and became a self-trained painter, representing the 'Art Brut' movement.  His color-intensive style was deeply inspired by Russian popular art, impressions of the fantasy toy world of his childhood and Tolstoi's poetry of Buratino.

 Purygin's early works were rather limited to regular formats, but over the time they grew larger and turned into altars comprising different parts.  Purygin received international recognition in 1988, when some of his works were sold in an auction for Russian avant-garde art at Sotheby's.  In the following year he emigrated to New York.(

 In 1989 Purygin moved to the NY, USA, where succeed with the support of Eduard Nakhamkin Gallery. When he came in Mscow in 1992 he made the exhibition of contemporary Russian naive art and a special gallery that could support the young artists, who were close to him. He also published three books wrote in the manner of “stream of consciousness” (Hrenoviny. Little novels. 1990; Cosmic fool girl. 1993; Publiya. 1993).Purygin died from heart attack in Moscow.(


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