Calvin Bell Jones

.Calvin Bell Jones (January 7, 1934 – August 21, 2010) was an afrocentric visual artist and a Black Arts Movement activist from Chicago. He is known primarily for his nine murals and paintings.He was awarded a full scholarship to attend the Chicago Institute of Art and received his BFA in drawing/painting and illustration in 1957. Jones' initial 17 year career was in advertising. He was Hallmark Cards' first African American Art Director and worked for the first black-owned ad agency, Vince Cullers Advertising (founded in 1956).Additionally, Jones worked with his own company, Sales Graphics Advertising.

 Jones left advertising in 1970 and became the co-director of the avant garde AFAM Gallery Studio and Cultural Center in Chicago with Alfred Tyler.
Beginning in 1976, he became a community mural leader in Chicago and collaborated with Mitchell Caton on six Chicago murals. Additionally, Jones' mural portfolio includes a mural in Detroit and Atlanta.Wikipedia

 "We, as people, all have our idiosyncrasies, prejudices and stereotypes concerning art and culture. The only way this gap can be bridged is through exposure and education. My challenge and obligation is to document, sensitize and relate to the Black experience of the societies and cultures in which we live and to be a responsible communicator in the projection and relation of my heritage -- the mirror of my spiritual center." Calvin B. Jones

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