Armando Baldinelli

Armando Baldinelli (Ancona, 13 September 1908 - Johannesburg, 2002) was an Italian painter and engraver.Baldinelli was a restless and versatile artist. Imaginative explored all means with which to express his personality artist: oil painting, fresco, woodcut, drawing, lithography and gouache, mosaic, assembling various materials.

 Artist from the early talent follows studies of art in Bologna, Rome and Modena. Very young he was invited to major events of Italian art.
He was invited to collaborate in the magazine L'Eroica Ettore Cozzani.
In 1936 he held his first solo exhibition in Bergamo and participates with a fresco at the Venice Biennale of 1938.He moved to South Africa in Johannesburg in 1953.
His works after the war at the end of the 50s reveal the influence of Cubism, while the works of the 60 express a total stylistic freedom.

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