Martin Kippenberger

Martin Kippenberger (25 February 1953 – 7 March 1997) was a German artist known for his extremely prolific output in a wide range of styles and media, superfiction as well as his provocative, jocular and hard-drinking public persona.
Kippenberger was "widely regarded as one of the most talented German artists of his generation.Wikipedia

There are a couple of different versions of the motive crucified frog. The first one was a green frog holding a beer jar in the one hand and an egg in the other. It had the title: “the feet first”(1990). The work was partly connected to Kippenberger’s attemt to change his exessive lifestyle and to get clean from dependencies during that period, which he never really managed. Anyway the connection to the crucified Jesus, which he used very much as a metaphor in his art, caused a huge scandal 2008, when it was shown in the Museum for Modern Art in Bozen. With the support of Pope Benedict XVI. the President of the Council for South-Tirol, Franz Pahl, started a public hunger strike to force the Museum to remove the Wall-Installation. With no success, it remained until the end of the exhibition. Kippenberger, who had died in 1997 already, has a devoted circle of admirers and enemies as well until today.(



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