Alejandro Obregón

Alejandro Obregón Rosės, (4 June 1920 – 11 April 1992) was a Colombian painter, muralist, sculptor and engraver.
Obregón is primarily a painter. His compositions are usually divided horizontally into two areas of different pictorial value or size, but of equal visual intensity. Other elements are placed against them. His style is characterized by use of color, exploration of traits and strokes through brush handling, and employment of transparency and impastoes.Landscapes were translated into geometric symbols of Colombia. Obregón is a good example of the abstract Surrealist trend in Latin America.
Color plays a fundamental role in integrating the structures of his design, using geometric forms and expressionism. Both on an affective level and as a unifying element of the composition, color is an essential part of Obregon's style. The elegiac and dramatic tone of El Velorio, for example, is heightened by the dominance of the red color in the geometrically articulated composition.Wikipedia

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