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Jon Peterson - American Contemporary Art


 Jon Peterson (1945–2020) was an American artist, most known for his "guerrilla sculpture" in the 1980s and his stylistically eclectic paintings in the 2000s.He was active in the emergence of Los Angeles’s downtown art scene—partly captured in the 1982 documentary, Young Turks—as both an artist and real estate developer. His work has been commissioned by or exhibited at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions the San Diego Museum of Art, Washington Project for the Arts, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston Art Festival, Foundation for Art Resources, and the International Sculpture Conference.....
Peterson returned to painting in 2006 with a new approach.This later work spurns the modernist fixation on a signature style or brand in favor of personal exploration, spontaneity and stylistic heterogeneity.Peterson initially produced direct, naturalistic domestic images and portraits, whose centrally located figures were often based on appropriated images (including mug shots and street fashion images) and influenced by the paintings of Marlene Dumas and Luc Tuymans.However, with the Africa series his paintings became more semi-abstract, multi-hued and hallucinatory, with Vuillard- and Bonnard-like landscapes and politically inspired canvasses drawn from newspaper photos (e.g., the Arab Spring- and movie-inspired The Battle of Algiers works) depicting featureless, phantasmagorical figures in disorienting patterned and expressionist environments..Wikipedia


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