Exposition Art Blog: Louisa Lizbeth Chase - American Neo-Expressionism

Louisa Lizbeth Chase - American Neo-Expressionism

Louisa Lizbeth Chase (1951 – 2016) was an American neo-expressionist painter and printmaker.
Louisa Chase is known for her use of schematically drawn body parts (i.e. hands, feet, torsos) and elements of landscape, separately or combined. She used a bright color palette and geometric forms. Chase paid special attention to the brushstrokes and markings in wood in her pieces. Chase’s work shows influence from New Image Painting and Neo-Expressionism.
Chase’s paintings often have a sense of juxtaposition between disturbing imagery and lightness or even humor of style. “When peopled, her fragments of place are inhabited by partial figures: torsos, hands, feet. They are hovering or falling or drowning or being assumed into the sky.”This imagery is contrasted by the cartoonish style with which Chase would symbolize these body parts, the many energetic brushstrokes and the bold colors she would use. Swimmer, in the collection of the Honolulu Museum of Art, is an example of Chase's use of cartoonish human bodies and body parts rendered in geometric shapes. Wikipedia

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