Exposition Art Blog: Hugo Longa - Magical Painting and Surreal Iconography

Hugo Longa - Magical Painting and Surreal Iconography

 Hugo Longa (1934 - 1990) began showing in 1966. His work reflects a peculiar imaginative and chromatic freedom and straightforwardness. Particularly noteworthy among his series are the Auschwitz collages created between 1967 and 1976, the rendering of objects, assemblages and collages where he explores imaginary, fabulous, magical worlds with doses of surrealism and Pop art. He represented the fantastic and the grotesque in painting, collages and assemblages. He showed certain human perspectives with a powerful sense of humor and explored unconscious realities. The neo-expressionist canvases he created as of the 198os are inciting because of the density of the material, the violent, multi-directional brushstrokes, the altered relationships of scale, the overwhelming color, the vehement dripping and splotching, and the aggressive iconography.
Hugo Longa's teaching endeavors were considerable and his numerous students make up the group of today's young Uruguayan artists.

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