Exposition Art Blog: Tsuruko Yamazaki - Color and Shape

Tsuruko Yamazaki - Color and Shape

Tsuruko Yamazaki - born in 1925, Ashiya, Hyogo, Japan
Tsuruko Yamazaki was the only woman artist who remained a member of the Gutai Art Association from its founding to its disbandment. Shortly after joining the Association, she produced glittering works using tin and zinc plates. Seeing her works, Michel Tapié, a French art critic who supported Gutai, suggested that she should paint on canvas, because those metals were not sufficiently durable. Around the end of 1950s, she began painting on canvas using bright primary colors. The work titled by a figure , displayed at her solo exhibition in 1963 held at Gutai Pinacotheca, is highlighted by a cloud-like shape, which became the title of the work. This work is lively and full of energy, with dynamic stripes running diagonally and colorful shapes and lines floating above the painting surface. In this oil painting, the artist demonstrates the powerful brightness that she had previously found in metal materials. 

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