Peter Grzybowski - Polish multimedia and performance artist and a painter

Peter Grzybowski (born 16 June 1954 Kraków, Poland, died 29 August 2013) was a Polish multimedia and performance artist and a painter. He studied at the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków (ASP), graduating in 1982. He first performed in 1981. He was a figure in the Polish performance art movement of the 1980s, performing individually and with Awacs Group (1982–87) and KONGER (1984–1986). From 1985 he lived in the USA.
His paintings imitate objects such as photographs, boards, marble and metal plates. They are included in collections such as: John Hechinger Collection,Norton Center for the Arts, Bob Rotchild Collection, Michael Rakosi Collection, Raymond and Arlene Zimmerman Collection, Exchange Gallery and many other collections in USA, Canada, France, Germany and Poland.
He created multimedia performances and installations, in which he used computers, digital video, sound, UV lighting (the installations were shown e.g. at Entropia Gallery in Wroclaw, and New York galleries TIXE, Fusion Arts Museum and Now Gallery as well as interactive CD-ROMs (presented among e.g. at the International Art Meetings in Katowice 2000, WRO International Festival in Wroclaw 2001 and Chashama in New York 2002. Wikipedia

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