Exposition Art Blog: Hugo Claus - European avangard art - CoBrA group

Hugo Claus - European avangard art - CoBrA group

Hugo Maurice Julien Claus ( 5 April 1929 – 19 March 2008) was a leading Belgian author who published under his own name as well as various pseudonyms. Claus' literary contributions spanned the genres of drama, the novel, and poetry; he also left a legacy as a painter and film director. He wrote primarily in Dutch, although he also wrote some poetry in English.His death by euthanasia, which is legal in Belgium, led to considerable controversy. As a painter, Claus was a participant in the CoBrA art movement from 1950. He had developed friendships with some of its members, and illustrated a book by Pierre Alechinsky in 1949. He collaborated with key figures in the movement including Karel Appel and Corneille and participated in some exhibitions.

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