Cedar Eclipse - Stéphane Remusat

"Cedar Eclipse"
50 x 100 cm / 19.7 x 39.4 in
Poids 10 kg / 22.05 lbs
A centenarian cedar tree lies on the ground, gnawed patiently from the inside, it collapsed, made it soul. The insects, those whom I like to call «the sculptors of the shadow» have won.
My work begins there… I reveal their work in broad daylight!
The eye glides on the soft curves and the play of light. The cedar Fragrance intoxicates and the mind clam down.
A unique piece !
This "Cedar Eclipse" is for sale at  EUR5,000 net.

  Stéphane Rémusat
    680 chemin de Labourdette
    31380 Gragnague - Haute Garonne, France
    Tel : +33 680 844 378
    email: stephaneremusat@gmail.com

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