Paintings for sale - Karen Lillard

Karen Lillard

 Beauty in motion 30 x 40 " deep edge canvas, blues,
reds, greens, purples, yellows, white, oil, ink,
powders, this one has lots of color.
Palette knife lots of activity and motion.
Available for purchase $ 1,000.00 I will pay to ship and insure.

Abstract, gauche paints, on 8 x 10"
board, browns, blues, yellows,
striking.  Available $50.00

Abstract, gauche paints, palette knife,
blue, green, red, yellow primary colors.
strong, available 8 x 10" on board 50.00

Abstract, gauche paint, orange, green, reds,
palette knife, 8 x 10" on paper.
unframed. available 50.00
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