Florin Prodan

Florin Prodan
Personal details
Date of birth: November 4th 1962
Place of birth: Hlipiceni, Botosani, ROMANIA
Graduated I.P. Iasi.
Studied free art.
Member of Plastic Artists Union – President of Botosani branch
Founding member of “Stefan Luchian” Foundation

 Artistic references:

          Natures greatest lesson becomes essential for FLORIN PRODAN: that of building an artistic vision, a manner of understanding and that of transfiguring reality. In fact the attachment to the miracle of reality is related to the direct experience of this painter of "plain air" even if, beyond sensation, this is a science of plastic.
FLORIN PRODAN is well seen by the viewers through the quality of the colors carefully spread on the painting blade, generous and tender, melancholic and vital, subtle and unctuous. This creation matches perfectly with emotions and delicate feelings; similar to Lucian Blaga, this painter <<doesn't want to break world's light crown>>, but to touch it with his looks, then seeing it through the inner eye of the creator - a noble reconstruction of the being in a supreme gesture of love.
FLORIN PRODAN evolved from an art exhibition to another, his artistic stamps gaining more and more distinct sounds announcing a natural growing-up. These ways of saying serve also the quality of plastic thinking. The time of harvest is here.
Art critique - member A.I.C.A.
Valentin CIUCA, 2003
FLORIN PRODAN is a painter of vibration, where nature means rhythm, a plastic rhythm within cosmic vibration. His art can be from anywhere, his image reconstructing nature, keeping in mind not only the essential but also the affective.
Art critique - Lucian STROCHI
 FLORIN PRODAN assumes a certain palette of colors that define him in its own manner: sensible in musical colors interfered by grays which define the art sense that becomes the bridge of his composition.
Painter Prof. Teodor VALENCIUC
FLORIN PRODAN won his own place in the artistic world. His paintings have a warm color, always present to the eye: that of building a poetry in colors.
Painter Prof. Ionel BEJENARU

  Feeling – Colour - Wit in Florin Prodan’s painting
From the engineering field he took information about perspective, the sense of proportion, volumetric units and he was taught the lesson about colour, as any plastic artist, from the succession of seasons, reason for which he called one of his exhibitions as “Seasons”.
The painter has around 30 personal exhibitions and many other group exhibitions in the country, in Bucharest, Iasi, Botosani, Suceava, Piatra Neamt, as well as many works in private collections in the countries like France, England, Germany, Canada, USA, Greece, Italy, China. Among seasons, he focuses more on spring, summer and autumn. Spring for the chlorophyll green which symbolises life in its more active shape and autumn for the polychromic air with symphonic sounds.
 The winter landscapes with snow clouds are the ones that show the silver white of snowflakes, the “milky” and cold atmosphere, how winter enters the “rest” state.
By his works, the painter leads us to the idea that he is the supporter of calm romance of nature. His paintings are dedicated, mainly to nature, it is a plain air painting and the artist is, as Iohannes Iten was saying, of Bauhaus School, an impressive optic. The impressions gathered from the most typical and hidden places of nature, there are not simple sensory experiences, chosen by chance, but they are attentively selected and instrumented from compositional point of view, according to an artistic intuition, connected with the engineer sense of free form – subject to poetic fantasy law.
Therefore, the main source of inspiration represents nature and people with their concerns – it is, we can say, a campestre painting.

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